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Results taken from WebPageTest audits
The World's Fastest Webpage
WebsiteLoad TimeFirst ByteStart RenderFCPVCSpeed IndexLPHDC TimeRequestsBytesFL TimeRequestsBytes
Wicked Fast 0.256s0.200s0.300s0.328s0.300s0.300s0.300s0.256s17 KB0.362s27 KB
Ultra Fast 0.231s0.190s0.300s0.298s0.300s0.300s0.300s0.231s14 KB0.335s26 KB
Page Speed Tweaks 0.232s0.178s0.400s0.335s0.400s0.400s0.400s0.232s14 KB0.232s14 KB

Check out the comparison screenshots to see the results.

Do you know any other web pages with matching doc complete and fully loaded times?

Special Thanks to Hostinger & Cloudflare

Without Cloudflare I wouldn't have a FREE CDN in over 200 locations. Cloudflare CDN 💻

Hostinger enable people on low-level budgets to compete with top-level sites. Hostinger Web Hosting 🙌

Why Even Bother?

Two reasons: one personal the other environmental.

There's always another level we can reach when we need to. That's what drives innovation.

Stronger, faster, lighter, quicker, just like these guys...

Then there's the fact data centers have overtaken the airline industry for emmissions. Sounds crazy, but bloated websites are killing the planet. ✈️

Want to Know More?

Interested in what I changed? Not a lot really.

The first two webpages called back to the origin server for a favicon.ico file. This one is Base64 encoded. I also purified and minified the file.

From now on the optimizations will bring diminishing returns, but the show must go on. Have you seen anything we've missed or could do better?

Hit us up with your questions on Page Speed Tweaks - let us know what you'd improve!