Shared Hosting FAQs

What is meant by shared hosting?

Shared hosting is the most popular form of web hosting. The resources of one physical web server are split between many users. This ensures costs are kept down, which is the number one benefit. Download speeds can suffer when shady companies cram their server with too many websites.

While it’s true that a dedicated or virtual private server is faster than a shared server, as long as you pick a quality hosting provider you can still benefit immensely from shared hosting.

Even on shared hosting you can use a world-class CDN like Cloudflare for free, which boosts site security and speed by serving your web pages from edge servers around the world.

Who is shared hosting suitable for?

Shared hosting is most suitable for people with a small website. You can always upgrade to a VPS when your traffic increases at a later date. Always do your research and go with a hosting provider recommended by someone you trust.

You should also look for evidence that backs up any claims made by the seller. Things to look out for are great customer support, no hidden fees and superb reliability.

Is shared hosting good?

Shared hosting is perfectly acceptable, as long as you opt for a reputable hosting provider. Some companies are better than others. Page Speed Tweaks recommends Hostinger.

You can see the perfect results we’re getting on a blog post with over 7,000 words and 70 images it achieved 100/100 on GT Metrix. Even with 11,000 words and 110 images it still registered 100/99.

Page Speed Tweaks Homepage GT Metrix Report
Page Speed Tweaks Homepage GT Metrix Report

What is shared hosting v dedicated hosting?

Shared hosting is when many websites are all served from one physical location on one server. Dedicated hosting is when one website has full access to the server and doesn’t share it with anyone. A virtual private server is somewhere in between, with perhaps four websites on one server.

Think of it like living in a house a terrace or a block of flats The dedicted server is the house, the VPS is the terrace and shared hosting is a big block of flats.

What is the main difference between a host and server?

The host is a computer or device that connects to the network. A file server on the other hand stores files to be delivered across the network. Just like there are many different devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets and printers, there are also many different types of server.

Typically the most common servers are shared servers, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Edge servers are used by content delivery networks to speed up your website; they have multiple locations across the world.

Can I upgrade from shared hosting?

Most reputable hosting companies will let you upgrade if the need arises. It’s always better to start off small and then increase your services rather than buy something expensive that you don’t need. Once you’ve gone past the initial thirty-day trial period, where you can ask for a refund, you might be lumbered with an expensive contract for premium hosting.

Hostinger have prices that literally blow the socks off the competition with up to 90% off for new customers.

See how fast shared hosting is using the free tier of Cloudflare’s advanced CDN.

Page Speed Tweaks Cloudflare DNS Times
Page Speed Tweaks Cloudflare DNS Times

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting comes in many forms, in the same way regular hosting does. You’ve got the usual four methods of shared hosting, virtual private server, dedicated and then cloud hosting. Each of these services come in at various price points, depending on the quality either real or perceived.

Essentially WordPress managed hosting is just normal hosting with a few services on top to help WordPress run better. They are usually such things as caching and other optimizations.

If you’re someone who likes to tinker with computers and websites, you’re probably better of saving your money and buying regular hosting. You can do all the optimizations yourself for free.

Which hosting provider offers the best value?

Page Speed Tweaks takes value for money seriously. For that reason we recommend Hostinger because we’ve been highly impressed with their value, customer service and fast speeds.

Check out the Fastest WordPress Setup to see how we set up this site. The results really do speak for themselves. GeneratePress and Hostinger make a wickedly fast partnership.

The offers that Hostinger provide on a daily basis, such as competition with up to 90% off for new customers is insane.

What’s the best shared hosting setup?

Page Speed Tweaks recommends the following combination for anyone with a shared hosting plan. It’s not difficult to install or maintain. It’s definitely not expensive. So what is it?

Stakpath makes a good combination with Cloudflare if you insist on perfect GT Metrix results. However, it’s actually faster to use only one CDN and Cloudflare is without doubt the best.

See our Cloudflare Setup Guide for a full explanation.

Page Speed Tweaks WebPage Test 5As
Page Speed Tweaks WebPage Test 5 As