Autoptimize WordPress Plugin – Minification, Aggregation, Optimization

Autoptimize WordPress Plugin

With over 1 million active installs, Autoptimize is an extremely popular WordPress plugin. So well thought of in fact that it’s about to overtake the granddaddy of WordPress caching solutions – W3 Total Cache. To be fair to both of the above, they should be seen more as close cousins that compliment one another. Not direct rivals. … Read More

Cloudflare Workers & WP2Static: Deploy Static WordPress

Cloudflare Workers WP2Static

What the heck are Cloudflare Workers? They are essentially mini JavaScript applications that enable developers to deploy apps or websites on the Cloudflare CDN. This takes advantage of Edge computing, where copies of the application are distributed on edge nodes near to the client. Whereas Cloud computing is usually done from large data centers. … Read More

Fast Velocity Minify WordPress Optimization Plugin – JS/CSS Wizardry!

Fast Velocity Minify WordPress Optimization Plugin

You are no doubt asking ‘what use is Fast Velocity Minify to me?’ Let me tell you, it’s a lot of use. Especially if you’re rocking WordPress – like most of the blogging community. What does FVM do then? Fast Velocity Minify is above all else a WordPress optimization plugin offering the following. … Read More

LiteSpeed Cache Settings 2020 WordPress Mega Guide

LiteSpeed Cache Settings

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is currently talk of the town, among WordPress caching nerds at least. With 800,000 downloads and 1000 five-star reviews, things are definitely looking up for LiteSpeed Technologies. So come with us on a LiteSpeed journey where we cover every single setting. Then you can get yourself results like this. … Read More

Progressive Web Application Tutorial – Save Upto 90% Data

Progressive Web App Tutorial

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs as they’re more commonly known are a concept that blends the old-fashioned web page with the more modern computer application or app. According to Google progressive web apps are: fast, engaging, reliable – instant loading and even without a network connection they show some content. Amaging. … Read More

Cloudflare Setup: Secure CDN < 1 Second Load Time!

Cloudflare Setup

Everyone wants a fast website, but they forget about security. This Cloudflare Setup guide gives you the keys to a blazing fast and highly secure website – did I also mention it’s for free? My own personal setup, which consists of Hostinger, Cloudflare and Stackpath is the website equivalent of Tesla’s Ludicrous mode. … Read More