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Our mission is to help you create the fastest WordPress website as economically as possible.

  • WordPress tutorials, tips and tricks to take your site to the next level.
  • Advanced optimization techniques that work. No hype jobs.
  • Save thousands of dollars in consultancy fees with our free advice.

We always advise using free plugins, services and themes wherever possible, apart from the occasional paid item to make your life easier.

Everything we do is backed up by screenshots and social proof. Finding a Google Easter Egg in Chrome’s Lighthouse Audit is a perfect example.

Google Easter Egg Chrome DevTools Lighthouse Audit
Google Easter Egg Chrome DevTools Lighthouse Audit

Website optimization is challenging and enjoyable, but also vital if you wish to make the most money possible from your business.

Mission Statement

  • It’s our goal to help you create the fastest WordPress, as economically as possible.
  • For that we need a cutting-edge platform that’s secure, reliable and amazing value.
  • Hostinger is the perfect fit, with a network set up for creating blazing fast websites.
  • We’re so confident you’ll be overjoyed with the customer service and features, the thought of their 30-day money-back guarantee won’t even cross your mind!
  • Page Speed Tweaks proudly recommends Hostinger.

If you need hosting and want to save up to 90% as a new customer, we’d be stoked if you would use our Hostinger Affiliate Link, as it really helps us out.

Of course, you don’t have to, here’s their regular link: https://hostinger.com/.

Does Scoring 100/100 Even Matter?

Perfect scores are great, but merely vanity metrics if they don’t improve your website speed. This becomes a problem when the user experience suffers.

For example, older tools like GT Metrix and Pingdom mark us down for cookies that are no longer a problem with HTTP/2 pipelines that we run today.

So we end up chasing a non-existent problem. The irony is that to overcome this ‘error’ I added another CDN, which cost me $10 per month and actually made my website slightly slower.

Monthly bills hinder my goal of helping people save money. For this reason, I’m now using Cloudflare as my lone CDN – free tier of course.

I’ve also revised my strategy to prioritize using only modern auditing tools. Google’s Lighthouse family, PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest. are currently the best options.

Remember that clients don’t see our scores – they only see our web pages.

All your users care about is seeing your content as quickly as possible. Yes, a pretty website is pleasing on the eye, but be honest with yourself. Whenever you Google something, I bet all you care about is finding the best anwer?

In user surveys speed comes out top every time. Unbounce asked 750 consumers and 70% said that page speed affects their willingness to buy.

Benchmark Results Table

Here are the initial results from Page Speed Tweaks’s first blog post. The only paid items at the time were Stackpath CDN, GeneratePress Premium and Hostinger Business Hosting.

Page Speed ToolBlog Post XXLBlog Post XLHomepage
GT Metrix100/99100/100100/100
PageSpeed Insights Mobile100100100
PageSpeed Insights Desktop100100100
Lighthouse (Chrome DevTools) Mobile100/100/100/100100/100/100/100100/100/100/100
Lighthouse (Chrome DevTools) Desktop100/100/100/100100/100/100/100100/100/100/100
WebPage Test MobileA/A/A/A/A/✔A/A/A/A/A/✔A/A/A/A/A/✔
WebPage Test DesktopA/A/A/A/A/✔A/A/A/A/A/✔A/A/A/A/A/✔
Key CDN Performance Test13 out of 14 under 200 ms TTFB
  1. All results are repeatable at the time of writing, but may change slightly over time.
  2. Page Speed Tweaks is on Hostinger shared business hosting.
  3. Home page used for this site: https://pagespeedtweaks.com/
  4. Blog post XL was 70 images 7000 words: https://pagespeedtweaks.com/cloudflare-setup/
  5. Blog post XXL 110 images over 11000 words: https://pagespeedtweaks.com/fastest-wordpress-setup/
  6. Brotli compression turned off for Pingdom test, as it doesn’t recognize Brotli correctly resulting in lower score. Pingdom admit the test is outdated and are moving to Lighthouse.
  7. GT Metrix 99 on YSlow was for excessive DOM size, rather than any fault with Hostinger.
  8. These results aren’t typical – so please don’t throw eggs at me if you don’t get the same.
  9. To reduce vanity metrics, I’m now running one CDN rather than two. Saving $10 per month and improving site speed in exchange for some lower scores regarding cookies.
  10. What this table shows is that hard work + good hosting = lightning fast website speeds.

So what are you waiting for? Start your new website today with Hostinger.


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Affiliate Disclaimer

* Everything I do is possible using free software and shared hosting, but for convenience I will recommend the occasional paid product.

** I only advise using software and services that I have first-hand experience with or have an outstanding reputation within the WordPress community.

*** If you buy a product that I showcase, it’s possible that I may earn a small commission paid by the company. This will not affect you in any way.

Should you have any questions please see our Hosting FAQs or Contact page.


David Elstob Profile Pic Round - Boxing

David Elstob

Owner – Page Speed Tweaks

Some facts about David

I’m rubbish at: saying no, helping people is something that I like to do.

But amazing at: website optimization – speeding up slow WordPress websites is like topping up my power bar on Street Fighter. Something like that.

What makes a good optimizer? curiosity is key to improving your website. Learn by looking at other people’s websites. Pick the best bits and improve them.

Favorite tools: PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest, GT Metrix, Lighthouse, Pingdom; for web design and optimization you can’t beat Chrome DevTools.

New toys: Website Grader, Cloudflare Workers and Progressive Web Apps.

Previous life: before blogging about optimizing websites, I worked in construction. The similarities are closer than you’d think. Problem solving being the biggest one.

My top optimization tip: working in site management taught me where to look for information – specifications and guides. For Internet speedsters that’s the likes of the HTML Standard and MDN Docs.

Favorite quote: optimization is a journey – not a destination. Spoken in a ninja voice.

Message for the People

Why speed matters: it’s common knowledge that consumers are more impatient than ever. Slow websites are frustrating, whereas fast websites are proven to increase traffic and revenue.

Why people should care: what isn’t so well known is that global CO2 emmissions from data centers are on par with the airline industry. Yep, sending less data down the wire can help save the planet.

Most importantly: don’t believe the hype. In the Google era, it’s easy to find answers and regurgitate them. We’re all guilty to a certain degree, but repeat testing is the only way to actually see what works. You’ll be surprised by how much bad information is out there.

Challenge the norms: in any area, people who challenge normality are called pioneers They set the standard for others to follow. Someone has to be first. For speeding up WordPress websites that means going against the grain, but it’s how you find winners.

Don’t just use a plugin because ‘that’s what everyone else does.’ Use a plugin because it actually improves your site in a measurable way.

When you find a golden nugget, you’ll feel like Mario getting an extra life!

WebPageTest Lighthouse Results Panel
WebPageTest Lighthouse Results Panel