Build the Fastest WordPress Website

The goal is simple - to help you create the fastest WordPress possible.

  • Can be done on any hosting with any theme.
  • Hostinger and GeneratePress are our choice.
  • No unnecessary affiliate recommendations.

Aggregating small improvements is a powerful thing.

  • TTFB in under 150 ms.
  • Fonts loaded in 250 ms.
  • Visually complete in 400 ms.

* Cloudflare CDN and all other plugins are free.

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Fastest WordPress Setup

Ultimate WordPress Speed Setup. 7000 words – 70 images – shared hosting – 100/100 GT Metrix. Say what?


Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math SEO Plugin creators lied – this plugin is more Rambo knife than Swiss Army. It cuts the competition to pieces!


Clouflare Setup: Secure CDN

Security & Speed from another planet. Welcome to Cloudflare PST style. We’ve got your fastest back!


Progressive Web App Tutorial

Progressive web application tutorial, save up to 90% data transfer for clients! Plus install from homescreen.


LiteSpeed Cache Settings

LiteSpeed Cache 2020 mega guide, including every single setting for lightning-fast WordPress caching.


Fast Velocity Minify

Turbo-charge your PageSpeed scores with Fast Velocity Minify for WordPress. Minification tools for JS and CSS.


Cloudflare Workers WP2Static

Cloudflare Workers & WP2Static: Deploy Static WordPress for ultimate security and scalability


Autoptimize WordPress Plugin

Grab some code lightning with Autoptimize – it’s electricity for your page-speed results. #PerfMatters


Page Speed Testing Tools

Top 5 amazing page-speed testing tools to unleash your website’s hidden power. Get on the optimization trail today.


Optimizing WordPress Images

WordPress image optimization for perfect page speed results, without using a plugin – – free solution.


HTTP2 Server Push

Server Push and Preload are two awesome tools for reducing network requests and increasing page speed. We show you how!

WordPress Optimization Tutorials and Website Performance Tips

Speed Tip 101

Use a CDN to speed up WordPress. Cloudflare is the best and it's FREE!

Cloudflare Guide

Speed Tip 102

Caching guarantees you a page-speed boost. Try LiteSpeed Cache.

LSCWP Tutorial

Speed Tip 103

Script optimization is a doddle with a powerful tool like Autoptimize.


Speed Tip 104

Without a superfast theme like GeneratePress - you're wasting time!

Theme Setup

Speed Tip 105

Performance minded hosting providers like Hostinger are essential.

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